Bushnell Kart Track Map

Bushnell Motorsports Park is Florida's newest kart track, opened in 2015 and located in Bushnell Florida off of I-75 .The Bushnell kart track is a 2/3 Mile asphalt track features 16 turns, a bridge and an underpass, as well as a banked turn. Making it one of the most unique kart tracks in Florida with an elevation change created by the bridge and an underpass unseen at any other kart track in Florida.

The track is used for more than just karts. You can bring your Supermoto or Grom for practice at Bushnell Motorsports Park.The Bushnell kart track has rental karts available that reach speeds of up to 55 mph.

Open practice is available for those who have their own bike or kart many days of the week as well as weekends. Bushnell holds a local kart racing series throughout the year. As well as some competitive SuperMoto and Grom racing.

Arrive-and-drive kart racing leagues, kart racing schools, corporate events, private parties, on site kart storage and garage rentals are available.