The kart track at Monticello Karting is located in Monticello Florida and was designed by Pablo Montoya, father of former Indy 500 winner, Formula 1 driver and now NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya. This kart track is one of the best and fastest kart tracks in Florida. Just over one mile in length, almost thirty feet wide with all turns named after Formula One champions. Unique and unlike any other kart track in Florida due to its length and design.

Monticello's kart track is several tracks in one, as it can be split up into many segments. And run with many different configurations and lengths. The kart track can also be run in either direction.

This Florida kart track is excellent for shifter karts, with one of the longest kart tracks in Florida. Monticello Karting is a great length that's in between a road course and sprint track. Featuring elements of a sprint course such as hairpins and tighter corners, as well as long straights and sweeping corners. Monticello is the best kart track in Florida for shifter karts. With an average speed of 60mph, this kart track is perfect for shifter karts, revealing their full potential on one of the many straight-a ways at this great kart track in Florida.

A four tenths of a mile track is used for the kart driving school at Monticello. Members have access to not only the short kart track, but also have access to the seven tenths of a mile practice track, which consists of seventeen turns. The normal practice track is the full track at just over a mile and is run clockwise.  During practice which is held certain days during the week and during the weekend, the full 1.1 mile kart track is run clockwise. The track is equally as good in the opposite direction.

Monticello Kart Club Track Map

Monticello was built in Monticello, Florida specifically for the locals looking for a track part way to Jacksonville from north Florida. This kart track in Florida is mainly focused on locals that join there kart club, so the kart track is usually very quiet and is in great condition. They also have seasonal racing during the summer to winter months, monthly races are held Saturdays and have a big Easy kart class.